• Penrite Wheel Rim Cleaner  5L

Penrite Wheel Rim Cleaner 5L

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Wheel Rim Cleaner is a special acid free cleaner that rapidly and effectively removes stubborn dirt such as burned-in brake dust, oil & rubber residue as well as other road dirt on steel and alloy wheel rims. The gentle formulation does not affect rims, wheel nuts and bolts and is safe with ABS sensors. It is ideal for the perfect finish on all wheel types.


Wheel Rim Cleaner is a powerful rim cleaner for regular wheel rim maintenance on alloy, steel or chrome wheels. It can also be used to clean painted or powder coated wheels.

Wheel Rim Cleaner when sprayed onto a wheel changes colour from clear to red, indicating the activation of the product when in use.It gets into all of the nooks and crannies of the wheel, lifting the grime and making the cleaning of the wheel easy, even in circumstances where dirt & road grime is baked onto the wheel.

Wheel Rim Cleaner is an aqueous neutral cleaner with anionic surfactants and sequestrates. The unusual scent of the product is typical

  1. Decanter product to spray bottle. No dilution required.
  2. Set nozzle to spray position.
  3. Spray onto the wheel rims from a close distance
  4. Leave to work for 3 to 5 minutes, the colour will change to red as the product activates
  5. Clean particularly heavy dirt with a soft brush.

Finally, rinse with a strong water jet or a special high-pressure spray

Please note: Do not apply in direct sun or on hot wheels and do not allow to dry on wheel surface.

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