• Penrite Instant Odour Eliminator 500ml

Penrite Instant Odour Eliminator 500ml

  • Penrite Oil
  • CCIOE0005
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Instant Odour Eliminator is a professional strength automotive deodorant that removes unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke, animal smells and other unpleasant odours from all automotive interiors. It does not cover-up these smells, but neutralises them and leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance.


Instant Odour Eliminator is designed for use with all types of automotive interiors. It can be used in cars, light & heavy commercial vehicles, buses, trains and trams. It can also be used around the home or office to neutralise unpleasant odours and freshen up treated areas.

Instant Odour Eliminator is particularly suited for taxis, limousines, hire car companies and fleet operators to ensure their vehicles are professionally presented for the benefit of their customers.

  • Turn sprayer nozzle to spray-position
  • Spray product into the air or cover the surface to be deodorized
  • Spray until the material feels slightly damp
  • Test the colour fastness on a suitable, not easily visible area
  • Items requiring extreme treatment should be treated and then kept in a closed room for some time
  • If required repeat application
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