• Penrite Instant Insect Remover 500ml

Penrite Instant Insect Remover 500ml

  • Penrite Oil
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Instant Insect Remover is an advanced formula professional automotive cleaner that quickly and effortlessly removes insects from glass, paintwork, chrome and plastics. It has outstanding infiltration abilities where the special cleaner softens up even dried on insect deposits, without attacking the surfaces.


Instant Insect Remover Instant Insect Remover is suitable for use in all automotive applications. It is safe to use on all painted surfaces and is solvent free. It removes insect residues quickly and gently. It is ready to use directly from the container.

  • Spray on surface or on a clean cloth and distribute evenly over area to be cleaned
  • Leave product for a few minutes (3 Minutes Maximum) to penetrate and then wash & rinse area
  • For stubborn residue, repeat above and use an automotive bug sponge to dislodge any left over residue.
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