• Cromtech Electric Submersible Pump Chopper Blade 233L

Cromtech Electric Submersible Pump Chopper Blade 233L

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  • V1100DF
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A great general-purpose Electric Submersible Pump.

Constructed with stainless steel and cast iron, as well as a vortex impellor for maximum flow, this is a great pump that offers the flexibility to suit most applications. These pumps are ideal for pumping grey or clean water out of water tanks, pools, ponds, sewage, septic tanks and flooded areas.

The Cromtech Electric Submersible Pump Chopper Blade 233L offers all the great features of the Cromtech Electric Submersible Pump with the additional feature of having a chopper blade. The chopper blade enables the pump to chop up larger solids coming through such as stringy sludge, effluent and sewage.

The Cromtech Electric Submersible Pump 233L has the model number of V1100DF. It has a 1100W single phase motor, has an outlet size of 1" (25mm), 1¼" (32mm), 1½” (40mm) or 2” (50mm), has a maximum water flow of 233Lpm and allows for maximum solids of 13mm. If these specifications do not suit your requirements, we have a wide range of pumps which you can view here.

Our Cromtech Submersible Pump comes with a float switch included to protect the pump from running dry. However, as an option, it can be purchased without the float. We also have hose kits available as an optional extra. Please check with your local dealer for availability here today.


Model NumberV1100DF
Outlet (mm)25/32/40/50mm
Water Flow Max. (L/min)233L
Water Flow Max. (L/hr)13,980L
Total Head (m)7m
Max. Solids (mm)13mm
ImpellerOpen vane vortex / Pre-chopper blade
Engine Model1100w Motor
Weight (kg)23kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)275 x 225 x 560mm
Manufacturers Warranty1 Year