• Crommelins Woodchipper 9hp  - GTS910S

Crommelins Woodchipper 9hp - GTS910S

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The GTS900S shares all the features of the bigger GTS1300S, but is smaller in size and powered by a 9.0hp Subaru industrial engine, it has a smaller 250x250mm Input Hopper and will easily chip up to 60mm (max) freshly cut tree limbs, palm fronds etc.

The GTS900S is ideal for large yards and small acre properties.

Designed to be ‘Seriously Safe’ it comes standard with 2x Safety Stop Switches at hand and foot level. A Rubber Curtain to prevent chip throw-back from the Input
Hopper. 2x Actuators to disable the machine while the Hopper or Chute is opened and a Recoil Starter Lock to prevent drum rotation during maintenance or cleaning.

These portable machine is constructed of heavy duty steel and include detachable handles and large pneumatic wheels for transport. It is well suited for the Hire, Landscaping and Arbor Industries and is assembled in Australia.

Standard Features:
• Up to 60mm chipping capacity green wood (freshly cut)
• Twin 195mm reversible chipper blades and single adjustable anvil blade
• 9.0hp Subaru EX27 Engine
• 2x Emergency stop switch (foot & hand mounted)
• 2x Actuators disable machine while Input Hopper or Discharge Chute is open
• Recoil Starter Lock prevents drum rotation
• Rubber Curtain on Hopper prevent chip throw-back
• 16'' Pneumatic wheels with bearings
• Easy remove Hopper and Discharge Chute
• Heavy duty 3mm steel plate construction
• Heavy duty rotor bearings with grease points
• Removable front handle, 2x Tie Down points, perfectly setup for transport, storage and movement on site
• Vibration free operation under load
• Simple maintenance points, simple belt tensioning
• Input hopper size 250x250mm
• Weight 130kg
• Assembled and tested in Australia
• 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
• 3 year Subaru engine warranty

9.0hp Crommelins Woodchipper - GTS900S
Chipping Capacity60mm Softwood
Chipper Blades2x 195mm wide
Engine9.0hp Subaru EX27
Wheels16" with bearings
Safety2x Safety stop (foot & hand), 2x Actuatots (on Chute & Hopper), Rubber Curtain on Hopper, Recoil Starter Lock